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Haipappa is leading home appliance service provider having network in all around India especially company have a great network  in Kerala with qualified technicians. We here by state that we are not legitimated by any manufacture. Providing trustworthy, cost effective any timely response  services build up the confidence in minds of customers. Knowing that the customer satisfaction is the only key to our success. We support our corporate clients by providing Home Theater service at the best quality and price compared to market standard.Home Theater Centre helps you to solve problems quickly.Home Theater plays an important role in our daily life. Home Theater complaints should be fix immediately. Haipappa  provides Experienced technicians will rectify your complaint quickly in very low cost.

At Our centre ultimate aim is to ensure our customers ongoing comfort and convenience while maximising their ability to home theater on business as usual whether at home or in the workplace. We also offer the confidence and peace of mind that come from knowing that our crews are the  fully selected, extensively trained, and fully equipped to bring this impressive lineup to you each time you need us.

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