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Electronic Service Repair Centre

Electronic Service Repair Centre  will solve all the complaints of your electronics equipments Quickly at very low cost.Our services includes Mobile,Tablet,Laptop,CCTV,Printer,Desktop etc…Haipappa provides experienced technicians to rectify your problem at home or in the business centre.

All equipment, is booked in and recorded according to our ISO900 approved electronics repair procedures, and inspected down to board component level examining component performance against its standard. In addition to component inspection, connections, tracks and dry joints are also inspected and repaired where necessary. Components that are known to degrade over time and that area showing signs of fatigue (for example, electrolytic capacitors) are also replaced in order to maximise the life of the repair. When replacing components during the repair, RJW enforces a strict like-for-like replacement policy where possible ensuring that the integrity and performance of the repaired unit is not compromised.